The best dentist ever! I had a toothache, found this place on Yelp, and came here because they accepted my insurance. I was seen that day and everyone was super welcoming and nice to me. Instead of jumping into invasive procedures, I was given a thorough consultation and each option was heavily weighed by the doctors before proceeding. They're amazing, come through to get ya grill fixed.


A few years ago when I had dental insurance I was introduced to Dr. Portilla. I had neglected my teeth for years! He found nine cavities and the bonding on my two front teeth were in dire need of repair.

I choose to fill the cavities with Composite because unlike the other materials used to fill Composite isn't as noticeable. I also wanted to replace my two bonded teeth with veneers. Dr. Portilla along with my approval on the shape and color made sure the veneers looked natural and improved my smile.

A couple of years and a few teeth cleanings later I recently had cavities in two other teeth. Ana the Hygienist who is highly skilled in dentistry let me see all the cavities and I decided to have them filled. She does a thorough job cleaning, polishing and flossing.

It is best to take preventative care of your teeth to prevent future problems like crowns, bridges or gum disease, right? So don't wait to make an appointment to get your mouth in order.

Dr. Portilla accepts all sorts of payments and he let me pay the balance of $185 within 30 days. I miss the old receptionists but, the new ladies seem just as nice. Also, the staff is bilingual in English and Spanish. I highly recommend A Dental Spot!


What a great place to get your dental work done. They really care about you when your there and have always gone above and beyond to make sure I was happy with there work.

They are great with scheduling! Especially making sure that I got all the work done in a timely fashion as quick as they could.

I liked all the doctors there and their help.

Girls at the front desk are great,
They put up
With al of my questions and crap and where happy to do so lol!!! So get your teeth done and stay healthy!!!!


I came here because I couldn't wait any longer for my Medi-Cal to be processed. My wife and I found this place after searching for days for reasonable prices. This place accepts care credit, and they also take Medi-Cal which makes us even happier because I can continue to come here in the future for my dental needs.

Down to the skinny. Dr. Portilla performed a root canal on a molar in the bottom left side of my mouth. I didn't feel any pain, but because I'm squeamish at the dentist I flinched the first moment I felt anything so he added a little more of the anesthetic. The procedure only took about 30 minutes, and I walked out feeling normal after being in excruciating pain for 2 weeks.

I'm getting a temporary crown next tuesday, and hopefully by then my medi-cal will be done and I'll schedule an appointment for a permanent one.

Also... I have to point out that this office is VERY clean.


Wow what an excellent experience! All the people from front to back office have amazing Professional Ethics.

I am a former R.D.A. (Dental Assistant). I went in with open eyes. It is very clean. The Doctors there are excellent, which is a rare find these days. The Hygienist made my teeth absolutely beautiful again really took her time and excellent professionalism. Where as other dental offices just have doctors pick at your teeth a bit and send you off with still dirty teeth. Basically no Hygienist on staff. Get what you deserve at A Dental Stop in Escondido.

I look forward to have more work done by such professional Doctors. They found cavities in my front teeth that another dental office missed just two weeks ago. A Dental office has updated techniques to taking dental xrays that shows all cavities in your teeth. The old school dentist use old methods to detect cavities and miss cavities on a regular full mouth xray.

I'm seriously excited with their computer technology to be more defined in their diagnosing abilities. Looking forward to my next appointment to start my dental work with there amazing doctors whose caring and Goal is to help you with healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. The do not use Amalgam (silver filling) that can make you Amalgam sick, because of Mercury substance in the filling, they will replace all my fillings at no cost and put Composite (white strong fillings that will match your tooth shades.

They serve the Med-i-cal community for free but will take people that aren't on Med-i-cal at a lower cost than other offices. This complete office is service at it's finest and you will not be frowned upon for the bad condition of your teeth. Only caring people to assist you with all your dental needs. And easily deserve the 5 star rating. Go enjoy your own personable experience!


As much as I hate going to the dentist, these guys make it easier for me. Friendly environment and fast appointments when I needed it. My entire family goes here and they are wonderful with kids. We have used them for ortho and teeth whitening too.


I've been to almost every dentist office in Escondido and I finally found the best one! The staff are extremely kind and make you feel welcomed. Clean environment. Great payment plans. I seriously recommend it!


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